Topic: 2NIGHT SunAug6,9ET Work fr/J.MackMemorial Concert by M.Griebling-Haigh

The work by Margi looks as if it will last on the program, but I don't know that for a fact!

(I think the Sinfonia will be last.No archive that I know of! Listen TONIGHT!)
Do NOT click on the pic for the stream. Click on one of these first two links!(((TONIGHT Aug 6 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific at this link. or start the player at the top here: ))) WCLV will broadcast a special double reed performance TONIGHT Sunday Aug 6 at 9pm Eastern, 6 Pacific. "Sinfonia for Oboes and English Horns" by Margi Griebling-Haigh . This performance was given at the John Mack Memorial Service at Severance Hall in Cleveland on November 5, 2006
Link for picture.... … 0904564670