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HOUSTON — Perryn Leech, Theater District Houston board chair, and Kathryn McNiel, Theater District Houston CEO, today addressed the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the buildings within the Theater District.
The Wortham Theater Center (501 Texas Avenue) had water penetration into the front of house areas due to high water at a low level; that water has now receded and left residual dirt. In the back of house, water surged over the storm defense and some water went onto the Brown Theater stage. This was at low level and has resulted in damage to the surface of the stage. The Cullen Theater stage has little water damage and the dressing room corridor had water, but at a low level. The basement of the building is completely full of flood water.
Jones Hall for the Performing Arts (615 Louisiana Street) received some water penetration, but the stage and auditorium show no discernible water damage. The rehearsal room in the basement has significant water damage and currently still has standing water.
The Alley Theatre (615 Texas Avenue) lobby areas and the Hubbard Theatre have sustained no water damage. The Neuhaus Theatre and lobby are filled with flood water and all electrical systems for both theaters are under water.
The Hobby Center (800 Bagby Street) has some water penetration in Zilkha Hall through the loading dock area of the foyer.
The Theater District Garages are full of water on all levels and are therefore completely unusable.
Houston First Corporation is the management organization for Jones Hall, the Wortham Theater Center and the Theater District Garages.
Officials will continue to assess the buildings over the coming days and updated reports of conditions will be issued as appropriate. For more information about resident organizations’ performance plans moving forward, please visit their websites and social media pages.