Topic: Recommendations for audio/video recorder?

I am shopping for an audio/video recorder: a Zoom or similar device.

I intend to use it to record myself practicing, to record concerts, possibly to create videos for audition applications, etc.

I want decent audio and video quality.

I plan to use it primarily for audio, but also for video from time to time.

There are quite a few models out there. I'm not sure how to parse the various features, options, specifications, etc.

What are your recommendations?

Is there a question I should be asking that I haven't?

Budget: several hundred dollars.


Re: Recommendations for audio/video recorder?

For ease of use and complete package the Zoom stuff is just fine. You can upgrade the audio on them easily. The Q8 had XLR inputs so you can plug in really really nice mics if you really want to.

Otherwise, I've used my DSLR camera and got a microphone shock mount for it and attach a quality microphone to that, record the audio from both devices and mix down later. But that's a lot of extra hardware and computer work later you might not want to do.

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Re: Recommendations for audio/video recorder?

Thanks for the info.

I do want a one-stop device, to avoid all that computer work and extra hardware. I don't have a DSLR.

How does the Q8 compare to the Q4r?