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Dear colleagues, I would like to inform you about uniqly published edition of the Concerto in G Major for oboe, strings and continuo by Antonín Reichenauer. He is newly discovered composer and musician, who was one of the leading persons of musical life in Prag in first half of the 18th century, when Jan Dismas Zelenka has a great career in Dresden. His concerto, very influenced by Vivaldi (who composed music for the same capella of count Morzin, where worked Reichenauer), is preserved in Dresden. Our edition is first print of this music and it include high quality critical edition with commentaries, complete facsimile of the source and also the set of parts - everything what we musicians need. This publication was made under the collaboration of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic and SLUB Dresden. We hope, many musicians will enjoy this very beautiful music,204,203,200_.jpg

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Re: Newly Discovered Oboe Work by Antonin Reichenauer.

From Michael Vytlacil.
Dear colleagues, at the end of last year we published the first printed edition of beautiful oboe concerto by czech baroque composer Antonín Reichenauer (in cooperation of the Czech Academy of Sciences and SLUB Dresden). Then we must wait eight months for adding to Amazon and after only few months they wrote to us the message - the title would be removed because the interest is very low. But it's only one way, which we have for distribution to musicians outside Czech Republic. If you are interested about baroque repertoire, please support this edition. The music is really very beautiful and our work is in high quality, which combine musicians needs (score with complete set of parts) and reviewed scientific musicological work (complete source facsimile and critical score with remarks).
Thank you.