Topic: Jansen's "The Bassoon" - Vols 1-4 - Unbound

Hey all:

I overestimated my ability to read German and stubbornly refused to use Google translate, so I now have a copy of the first four volumes of Jansen's "The Bassoon" in unbound condition with covers and "instructions to the bookbinder".  I'll sell them for $150 and will eat the shipping cost. I paid €150 plus cost of shipping, so my loss is your gain. Great deal if you have a bookbinder friend or labor is cheaper in your area.  In the SF Bay Area, it was more economical for me to order a fully bound set, so.. yeah.  That's a thing.

If you happen to be in the greater Bay Area I can be flexible. If I have to mail it, I can't. if you're local or have a local intermediary, feel free to make a reasonable offer.  I would rather the leaves find a good home and be bound than to be stingy.  My lesson is learned.  I will now drill my German until it is more polished. smile