Topic: Ibert's Morceau for Bsn and Pno. Edited by Ryan Romine

From Ryan Romine:
When I was in the UK last May, I had the opportunity to visit a huge private music collection. While there, I chanced upon something once-in-a-lifetime remarkable: a previously unpublished ORIGINAL WORK for bassoon and piano by none other than JACQUES IBERT!!!

Trevor Cramer so kindly agreed to help me figure out the permissions and create a new engraving. And now, just a few months later, we have just released this beautiful little gem to the world!

Here is a recording from the IDRS Conference in Appleton (I convinced my wonderful pianist, Allison Shinnick, to squeeze it into the program at the last minute.)

Ibert's Morceau can be purchased directly from TrevCo Music Publishing or from any number of fine retailers (I do know TrevCo-Varner has a few copies). … eau-bsn-pn