Topic: "Kiddie" Concerts

For what it's worth, my 10-year-old daughter had a school field trip to the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia today, as a reward for doing so well in her school orchestra. The Philadelphia Orchestra played the score from Disney's "Fantasia," and she came home REALLY pumped up about classical music ... she's been practicing her flute for the last 45 minutes, in fact. She said that many of her classmates / orchestra mates were very excited about the music, too.

I mention this because I've played my share of "kiddie" concerts and, yes, I've probably made my share of (OK, only mildly / teasingly!) sarcastic comments about doing them. But now that I'm dad and the shoe's on my paternal foot, and I'm eager to see my kid develop enthusiasm for this music, I'm really pleased to see that a concert like this CAN and DOES have a strong, albeit perhaps temporary, inspirational effect on some kids.

Bottom line is, I think, that if you're playing concerts like this and you "reach" maybe only one or two kids, then you should rightly feel fantastic about what you're doing. You're doing audience development, yes, but you're also helping kids see the beauty and power of what you do. It's a worthy and wonderful thing!