Topic: Tonguing Exercises

I'm suddenly finding a great deal of frustration playing staccato in several allegro movements I've been working on. I want to improve the speed of my single-tounging and would like to hear of any specific techniques that anyone has for this. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Re: Tonguing Exercises

The best single tongue exercise I've worked on was given to me by the principal clarinetist of the Wiener Symphoniker - Alfred Rose' (colleague of my teacher Milan Turkovic', at the time) - you take one note, and to the metronome marking of around 69 - play 1 note for several measures (quarter at 4/4 time), then 2 notes (eighths), then 3 (triplets), 4 (16ths, etc.), 5, 6, etc. - all within the 69 metronome beat - concentrating on the same note (in various octaves) really concentrates the tongue specifically. Later, one can add moving notes, scales, etc., but this initially strengthens the single tongue. When tired, (after 10 minutes or so) stop. Hope this helps! Jim

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