Topic: Faculty/student counselor positions available for Blue Lake !

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Here is a list of faculty personnel needed still for this summer's Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. You can find the dates for the sessions at   This summer will make my 13th consecutive summer at the camp - I'll be there all 4 sessions, this time. (Obviously, I LOVE the camp - great faculty musicians from colleges and symphony orchestras all around the country, wonderful band/orchestra performances (broadcast on public radio) and the high school/middle school students are great.)

Clarinet:  2nd and 4th sessions
Trumpet:  3rd and 4th sessions
Horn:  4th session
Violin (w/ Fiddling minor class):  3rd and 4th sessions
Violin: 3rd, 4th sessions
Piano: 4th session

If you are interested in one of these positions, and/or know of a colleague who might be, please forward this to them, and  please contact Lisa French directly at 800-221-3796 ext. 206 or  Application materials are available through our website:

ALSO - for your college students (great experience performing with the faculty ensembles/orchestras, along with counseling the kids)

Counseling Staff Positions

As you may know, Blue Lake employs more than 220 undergraduate and graduate college students to serve on our counseling staff. Staff members' primary responsibilities focus on providing care and supervision for our campers. As a portion of their assignments, they are offered the opportunity to work as class assistants and perform in a wide range of ensembles. Those who are more advanced in their studies may also qualify to teach certain minors or sectional/technique classes at Camp Bernstein (Blue Lake's junior camp What a great way to gain valuable experience for a future in arts education or performance! ). Please pass the word to your students about the opportunities for staff at Blue Lake. They can obtain more information by contacting us at 800-221-3796 or

Thanks and have a great rest of the year!  Jim

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