Topic: "Oboe Festival in Nagoya(Japan)" and competition result

"2018 Oboe Festival in Nagoya" , presented by the Japan Oboe Assocuation, was held on 12th and 13th, May at Tokai Art Theater (near Nagoya City, Japan) .
The program includes performances by Nagoya Double Reed Ensemble and students from various universities,  guest performance of Tokai City Childres's Orchestra, as well as master classes and solo performances by Porf. Ernest Rombout and Prof. Jaime Gonzales.
Presentation by many instrument makers/shops and "Reed consulting room" by some well-kown players also took place on the other floor of the building.

At the same time "The JOA Oboe Comprtition" was held, which was somewhat a unique one;
The subject of the final stage was Mozart Qboe Quartet , to be played together with the string members of the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, in order to estimate the player's musicanship, not only as a soloist but also as a chamber music player.
Judges: Isao Tsuji ,Chairman  (Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orch.)
            Kazuhiro Asakawa (Osaka Phil. Orch.)   Hajime Ikeda (Tokyo Sym. Orch.)  Shigeru Shiba (Hiroshima Sym. Orch.)
            Yosuke Terashima (Nagoya Phil. Orch.)  Kiyohiro Nishizawa (Sendai Phil. Orch.)
            Kazuhiro Miyamura (Tokyo Kosei Wind Orch.)
            Special chairs from abroad: Ernest Rombout (Amsterdam Conservatory etc.)   Jaime Gonzales (Berne Univ. of Arts)
  1st prize: Ms. Ayaka Okamura
  2nd prize: Ms. Hikari Ota
  3rd prize: Ms. Asako Furuoya
  Other winning competitors: Mr. Hideki Honda, Mr. Masanori Takasaki, Mr. Tomoaki Ishii
  The Best Junior (under 15): Ms. Yuuri Suda
  The Best Senior (over 60): Mr. Tomoaki Yoshida
  The Best Amateur:  Mr. Ryota Araki

More details of the festival will be posted on the website of the Japan Oboe Association soon later.  ( )