Topic: Meet Robert Stephenson Oboist Utah Symphony. He has New Etude Book

At some point it should be able to be purchased here:

From Musicians of the Utah Symphony

Oboist Robert Stephenson’s latest etude book, Intermediate Etudes for Oboe is on the shelves! The book focuses on musical expression in all keys which Bob says “takes me back to my youth and discovering a love of a new language.”

Like many of our musicians, Bob is a valued pedagogue in our community and beyond. Here are a few of his thoughts about teaching, in his own words, “I started teaching at the University of Utah in 1980. Before that I was on the faculty for the Symphony School of America in Wisconsin and had begun teaching privately and still do. I spent one summer teaching at the Aspen Music Festival and have been on the faculty at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival since 2001.
I have 5 students at this time. I teach at home with a view of the Wasatch Mountains while I scrape on reeds. There is often the faint sound of Lisa Byrnes' flute coming from another part of the house.

Teaching makes it possible to try and make sense of a magical occurrence. It’s been one of the things that has been an inspiration to my composition hobby, trying to figure it all out! How and why do the notes on a page create an emotional response?

Studying music is a unique experience for any person. It is an opportunity for the brain to go through fresh rewiring. Few other activities require a person to think of so many things at the same time! As a musician, we are thinking about creating a tone with the right fingering, having it be agreeable, in tune, the appropriate dynamic, etc. We’re thinking about how notes relate to one another, creating arching shapes or understated calm, having the right speed from start to finish because like Goldilocks, you’re looking for “Just right!”. There has to be a reason why med schools look favorably at trained musicians to fill spots as future doctors!