Topic: More questions about Herzberg bevel

I've read several descriptions of this and I've started using it in my own reeds, but I'm still very unclear about the proper sequence of steps after beveling.  Should I re-soak before or after applying wires or not at all?  Should I re-wrap with rubber bands?  The mechanical effects are very noticeable whether or not the cane is soaked again - but I have no idea how the drying and aging affects this.  I'm running the experiment myself now, but it's going to be many months before I have a large enough sample, and I'm trying to decide what to do with a large batch of partially formed blanks.


(PS. The Norman Herzberg IDRS interview video appears to be unplayable on my computer, unfortunately.)


Re: More questions about Herzberg bevel

The cane dries on the mandrel for "two weeks" according to one video. I find that excessive. Anyway, then you bevel, and then you put the wires on the dry cane. You don't soak the cane again until you're ready to clip the tip.

The IDRS page doesn't work anymore, but here's the video that was there (if Yoshi has issue with me sharing this I'll remove the link) … aa2Pe_jOpI

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