Topic: Oboe Anecdote written by Brent Hages. Published in WA Newspaper

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Brent Hages elaborates" I had a word limit when writing this column, and can elaborate further with the story here. When I had originally called Roy Carter was very nice and told me he would not be able to meet with me because he was recording that week, but when he asked me to tell him more about myself, I told him that I was the one that had written him a letter a few months prior. He exclaimed “that was you??!!” and then he said I should meet him the next day at Howarth of London at 11 AM, and he would take me to the recording session. I was quite shy back then and just remember feeling completely in awe and could not believe that all of this was happening. It was a wonderful day, about six hours of listening at this session at Abbey Road. When the recording came out I was a freshman in college, and immediately bought it from the Oberlin College bookstore and went home and listened to the entire thing, distinctly remembering which parts of the session I had been there for. For those of you that know La Bohème, it was both of the love duets that were recorded that
day. Incidentally, the first time I ever heard Roy play was the Berlin celebration concert with Leonard Bernstein conducting Beethoven nine with players chosen from allied forces during World War II. Roy played principal on the third and fourth movements, and his playing is and was just sublime. That concert and Roy’s playing specifically, where the reasons I wanted to play the oboe. Although he is no longer in the London Symphony orchestra, he is still someone I listen to, I am in touch with, and I am grateful to. "