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I wanted look up fingerings for E5 on the IDRS site, unfortunately most
of the links don't work at present. Up to E5 flat I don't have problems,
but I can't get E5. I want to reach it from D5. Which combination of fingerings
would work best? My bassoon does not have a high-D key.

Thanks Bernhard

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Re: IRDRS bassoon fingerings site

Try the fingerings on this Forum topic (Bn & CBn Fingerings) under subheading Fingering Chart / Codings posted by me.

(you may need to wait a few moments for the charts to appear, as they are retrieved from another site linked to the page)

LTh A b  1/2 2 3   R 1 2 3

While not closely related to D5 you will find that it is really easy to slur up to F5 from it. SImply add RThA & R4

My Leitzinger bocal makes it easier on my Puchner than do the standard Puchner crooks.

Good luck

Neville Forsythe
Christchurch New Zealand
Bassoonist / Teacher / Conductor