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Does anyone happen to know Manouchehr Sahbaei and how to get in touch with him??

Iranian musician 'Sahbaei' back home

Friday, August 03, 2007 - ?2005

LONDON, August 3 (IranMania) - Noted Iranian musician Manouchehr Sahbaei, who arrived in Tehran on Monday, will conduct a number of master classes for two weeks.

Sahbaei, who specializes in the oboe, has released a collection of music pieces by Hossein Nasehi, Mohammad Taqi Masoudieh and Alireza Mashayekhi, in Switzerland, according to ISNA.

Earlier, he had released a collection of pieces by artists Morteza Hannaneh and Hossein Yousefzamani as well as some three pieces by Alireza Mashayekhi in the same country.

The artist is dissatisfied with the state of publication in Iran and cites this as the reason for his preference to publish works abroad.

He has so far released ten albums in Europe, while only three of his albums have been released on CD in Iran. However, he plans to release a complete album in Iran.

Sahbaei began his music career as an instrumentalist. He was the first Iranian who returned home to conduct Tehran Symphony Orchestra after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Like his compatriots, Sahbaei is concerned about the status quo in Tehran symphony orchestra. However, an official with Poetry and Music Office affiliated to Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry stressed that his return has nothing to do with the appointment of a new conductor for the orchestra.

Symphony Orchestra Restructuring Overdue

The prevailing conditions of Tehran Symphony Orchestra are
(ISNA File Photo)

TEHRAN, Aug. 13--A renowned Iranian musician and composer said that unlike many artistic activities which improved after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Tehran Symphony Orchestra is caught in a vicious cycle.
Manouchehr Sahbaei described the prevailing conditions of Tehran Symphony Orchestra as unfavorable, CHN said.
"Tehran orchestra was disorganized ten years after 1979 Islamic Revolution. Later it was administered by those who were not well-versed in music. Unfortunately, Tehran Symphony Orchestra has been trapped in a vicious cycle. Hence, something serious should be done for this orchestra," he warned.
The first thing, Sahbaei contended, was that Tehran Symphony Orchestra needs a permanent conductor. "Looking for guest conductors will create uncertainty in Tehran Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra is presently in an unstable situation," he added.
Sahbaei has spent many years abroad and cooperated with Tehran Symphony Orchestra as guest conductor in past several years.