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Anyone know the story behind Glotin and Neuranter? Who owns who? They have the same contact information on their websites.

At the Glotin exhibit in Ithaca, they had both, but I didn't think to ask about the relationship between the two.

Same cane fields?

I've been using mostly Glotin cane for a long time and just got some Neuranter on eBay. It looks and feels a lot like Glotin. (Just profiled some today, no finished reeds yet.)

Just curious.

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Re: bassoon cane suppliers

I don't have any concrete information, but I know that the Neuranter that I've tried I haven't liked as much as the Glotin (and that's not really saying much since I don't really like Glotin).

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Re: bassoon cane suppliers

I really don't see any smilarity between the two...very different and to me neither are very warm and cuddley.

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Re: bassoon cane suppliers

Hi Harry and everyone else:

         From what I gathered Pascal Neuranter is the owner of Neuranter and Glotin now. I can pretty much confirm that has been the case since the Austin Texas conference as I was sitting at a table with Mr Neuranter, and a double reed supplier that i work with occasionally. I am fairly sure though that the cane still comes from different plnatations. (Glotin-Glotin Fields, and Neuranter-wherever Neuranter originally gets his cane from) Mdm Danielle Glotin is still involved with the business but I am not sure as to how she still is. I hope this helps.

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Re: bassoon cane suppliers

Hi Harry,

My personal preference for cane is from Reeds Australia. The last time I checked their website they had started selling gouged cane in addition to the tube cane which had been the only previous option.
   Best, Charles McCracken