Topic: ARD Music. Comp. Has 1st Prize Oboe Winner for first time in 40 years!

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Prize Winners Announced at the 56th ARD International Music Competition – 2007
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Press release from: Ruth Wischmann - Media Relations 
PR Agency: Ruth Wischmann - Media Relations
(openPR) - The prize winners at the 56th ARD International Music Competition have all been determined. This year, the jury awarded four first, four second and three third prizes. The main and special prizes have been endowed with a total sum of 170,000 Euros. For the first time in the history of the Competition, there was a first prize in the category trombone. After forty years a first prize was again awarded in the oboe category. All in all, 217 young instrumentalists from 35 countries took part in this year's competition.
Summing things up, Axel Linstädt, the Artistic Director of the Music Competition, said: "I was very impressed by the consistently high level of the participants and I'm especially happy that the excellent accomplishments of the prize winners convinced the jurors to award first prizes. The trombonists and oboists particularly had to wait a long time for this. Once again, the very considerable audience interest – even in the case of unusual instrumental categories – surprised and delighted me."

2007 Prize Winners


1st Prize
Ramón Ortega Quero, Spain
2nd Prize
Ivan Podyornov, Russia
3rd Prize
Maria Soumatcheva, Russia


1st Prize
Fabrice Millischer, France
2nd Prize
Frederic Belli, Germany
3rd Prize
Juan Carlos Matamoros, Spain


1st Prize
Johannes Fischer, Germany
2nd Prize
Vassilena Serafimova, Bulgaria
3rd Prize
was not awarded

Piano Trio

1st Prize
Tecchler Trio, Switzerland / Germany
2nd Prize
Morgenstern Trio, Germany / France
3rd Prize
Trio Cérès, France

Special Prizes Audience Prizes
sponsored by the Theodor Rogler Foundation

Ramón Ortega Quero, Oboe
Fabrice Millischer, Trombone
Johannes Fischer, Percussion
Morgenstern Trio

Special Prizes for the best interpretation of the commissioned composition, sponsored by the Alice Rosner Foundation

by Olli Mustonen: Ramon Ortega Quero, Oboe
by Stefan Heucke: Juan Carlos Matamoros, Trombone
by Matthias Pintscher: Johannes Fischer, Percussion
by Tobias PM Schneid:Tecchler Trio

Special Prize from the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Ramón Ortega Quero, Oboe

Alice Rosner Prize
Johannes Fischer, Percussion

ifp Music Prize
Tecchler Trio

Osnabrück Music Prize
Ramón Ortega Quero, Oboe

Busch Brothers' Prize
Frederic Belli, Trombone

ITA International Trombone Association
Fabrice Millischer, Trombone

Bärenreiter Original Text Prizes
Maria Soumatcheva, Oboe
Juan Carlos Matamoros, Trombone
Mariko Nishioka, Percussion
Trio Cérès, Piano Trio

Special Prize from OehmsClassics
CD production for Johannes Fischer

Special Prize from Venus Music
CD production for the Tecchler Trio

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
invites the price winners from the 56th ARD International Music Competition to perform concerts aboard their ships: the total value is 10,000 Euros.

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