Topic: IDRS WWW Access

I have read all complaints and comments expressed about the complexity of IDRS WWW. Please read and consider my explanation.

The IDRS OnLine editorial team is quite aware of shortcomings and flaws of IDRS WWW. We also know that the design of IDRS WWWcould be improved, and the IDRS OnLine editorial team will continue to strive to do so. I am aware that IDRS WWW is and will remain complex.

The complexity of IDRS WWW comes from the archival nature of the site and the variety and multiplicity of resources that are available . IDRS WWW contains 30 years of IDRS publications, audio/visual and databases in a variety of formats.  Some files are open to anyone, and other files must be protected. There are conditions for the distribution of recordings and video streams, which we must honor. I also assure you that there is no site on the Internet that can match the quality, variety and quantity of resources for doubereed related topics that are found on IDRS WWW.

I appreciate the many constructive comments and suggestions expressed by members. If there are experts among users of IDRS Internet resourses who are capable of providing ideas and solutions that will significantly improve IDRS sites, and who are willing to volunteer their time to help me implement these solutions, please contact me. I especially need those who are fluent in UNIX and/or database programming, and who have the knowledge of the inner workings of the OSX server.

Yoshi Ishikawa
Professor of Bassoon, University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music
Editor, IDRS OnLine Publications