Topic: Where should we post concert/recital announcements?


Over the past few months, I've noticed that sometimes people post announcements about their concerts or recitals in the "Double Reed - General Topics" section, others post them in "Double Reed News", and others post them in "Festivals and Events". I find myself going through all three areas of the forum to learn about upcoming concerts.

Is there a preferred place for such posts? If so, can the subtitle (description) of each section indicate where to put such announcements?

Lynne Marie Flegg

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Re: Where should we post concert/recital announcements?

Hi Lynne:

Delmar posts a lot of recitals and events under "Double Reed News" so maybe this is the best place though I see your point that there is no one specific place for recitals.  I generally read all the posts anyway because I visit often enough and use the option to see all the posts since my last visit.  I can see where someone just browsing might want to look up recitals and would have to browse a few different categories to find all the postings.  I suppose if there is enough interest another category could be made for upcoming recitals. 


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Re: Where should we post concert/recital announcements?

Hi Kent:

I'm not sure that a new category for concerts needs to be created. I would suggest that instead, the categories be more clearly defined so people know which categories are the best location for concert & recital announcements.

My best guess is that the "Double Reed News" is probably the most logical place, but it seems that announcements are posted in any of the areas I'd mentioned above. I just posted one in the "Festivals and Events" category because another recital was just added there, so I figured I'd follow suit. The "Festivals and Events" description, however, after I'd posted, I re-read the category description, which seems to indicate it's focused on summer festivals and special (summer ?) events outside of a normal concert season.

I could see that someone might get confused, and post an announcement in multiple categories.

I'm like you - I read everything new. However, if the forum continues to grow with more members participating, it could become a bit confusing to find information.

Just a few thoughts!

Lynne Marie Flegg