Topic: Reed Making Courses

I'm looking for an English language summer school where I can spend the majority of the time making  modern bassoon reeds.  Any location considered. Does anyone have any suggestions?



Re: Reed Making Courses

Hello to those interested in summer courses in modern bassoon reed making. I have taught several summer reed making camps in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in recent years, starting with 1993 and extending for a few summers. If enough students are interested in studying with me in Ottawa I can reopen my reed making camp any summer beginning in 2007. In one week I leave for Japan where I will give master classes in bassoon reed making and bassoon repertoire to members of the Japan Bassoon Society. Just write me an email if you are interested in a summer course in bassoon reed making in Ottawa in summer 2007. Ithaca, NY host of next summer's IDRS conference, is only a couple hours' drive from Ottawa. Gerald Corey, Moderator