Topic: Dramatic Soprano with a sense of humor...!

You may know that the great American soprano, Deborah Voigt, was fired from appearing at Covent Garden a few years ago, for being too fat to get into a black
cocktail dress for a Strauss opera! After surgery and much exercise/dieting, etc., she lost weight and recently Covent Garden actually re-hired her for the role. This is a You-Tube video that the diva made for the occasion. I especially like Ms. Voigt - when I wrote a letter of protest to the Board of the Opera Company of Brooklyn, when they were eliminating musicians by using a virtual orchestra machine, she (as well as Marilyn Horne!) wrote me back and resigned from the board! She's a real advocate for live music. Enjoy. Jim

James Jeter, D.M.A., NYC Bassoonist
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