Topic: Spoleto USA 2008 from a double reed prospective

I went to Spoleto USA the first weekend in June.  I did hear Peter Kolkay play in the Schubert Octet.  He, Eric Ruske, Todd Palmer, and the strings played a great concert.

I really didn't hear much oboe at all while I was there.  But if I had been there another time I would have heard Firebird and lots of other oboe rep as well.

The oboists listed in the program book were:
Emily Brebach, Stanley Chyi, Annie Hennede, Merideth Hite and Catherine Weinfeld.

The four bassoonists were Aaron Apaza, Renee DeBoer, Matt McDonald and William Short.

I talked to Matt and Bill as they were playing in an opera that I attended.  They told me they both went to Curtis.  For some reason, I thought they seemed familiar to me.....then I REMEMBERED THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO.  IT WAS THEY WHO ACTED AND PRODUCED IT!!!!


Re: Spoleto USA 2008 from a double reed prospective

Merideth Hite went to CCM (Cincinnati Conservatory) and recently studied in Germany with Nicholas Daniel on a Fulbright scholarship. She was an undergrad while I was a grad student. Fantastic oboist! This is a young oboist we are going to hear amazing things about in the near future. Bright girl, great personality, amazing talent!


Shawn Reynolds
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