Topic: Idrs Pictures 2006 may have not been possible without these persons.

One day  before leaving  the conference I could not find one of my digital camera cards of the conference. I stayed up until 2:00 AM in the morning in my room going thru everything trying to find it.    Looked in  places  I  took pictures and found nothing.  Notified everyone to the loss.  This card had over 600 pictures on it.  Of course I am sure all of you could imagine how I felt.  No need to go into the  full context of that.
          On Sunday time to go back home via the shuttle bus to Indianapolis Airport.  Opposite to my seat there were two people who played together at the conference.  I told this tale to them.
          One of the persons indicated to me that he found a camera card.  I believe he told me it was in the back of the Choral Hall.  Of course I would not know anything until we arrived at the Airport.   My Cameras were  in the bottom of the bus in the luggage compartment.   
          At the Airport I put the card in my camera and found it was mine.   Was I shocked!!!!!!  What are the chances of this happening?  They will never know how much I appreciate this.
Believe their were five busloads going to the airport that day.
         Of course I took a picture of these two wonderful people at the Airport.  Since I am not allowed to post a picture here or on the forum  it will be the first picture in my pictures at Flicker.
         The person on the right side of the picture is Chak-Mann Lau Bassoon Player .  He is the person who found the card.

                 This is my flickr site with pictures:

                                                                 Al Markel

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Re: Idrs Pictures 2006 may have not been possible without these persons.

What a great story with a happy ending.  Glad to hear it.  Kent

Dr. Kent Moore
Principal Lecturer In Bassoon and Theory
Northern Arizona University