Topic: Need Suggestions for a Double Reed Day Event

I am coordinating a double reed day for high school, jr high and middle school students in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin.  At this time, we are looking toward mid-November. 

I have no idea how many participants we will have - still working on the numbers.  Currently we have 10 young double reeders - from just 2 schools - that are ready to participate.  I hoping to gain a few more in the coming weeks.

Dr. Emily Helvering will be assisting with the oboes and I will be working with the bassoonists. 

I would great appreciate any suggestions/ideas/words of advice to help with curriculum/recital preparation.  Even if you are in the area and would like to help out, I would be happy to have extra hands & instruments!

Please feel free to email me directly.  And thanks in advance!

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Re: Need Suggestions for a Double Reed Day Event

Make sure to contact Howard Niblock (oboe) and Monte Perkins (bassoon) at Lawrence University in Appleton.  Monte lives in Milwaukee, so contact Howard first.  Their contact information is somewhere at I'm sure.  Monte liked to do bassoon Christmas back in the day, so I'm sure he'd have some ideas.

Maybe you've already thought of them, but just reminding you in case they had slipped your mind or if you didn't know of them.

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