IDRS 50 for 50 Commissioning Project: Grants Archive

Jenni Brandon: Places We Are From for oboe/bassoon, oboe/saxophone, or saxophone/bassoon and piano

Premiered by 2021 IDRS artists Teodora Pejasinovic Proud and Javier Rodriguez

Places We Are From, a new work by Jenni Brandon, explores the idea of identity and where we come from both geographically, physically, and spiritually. This unique exploration is reflected in the make-up of the 3 different instrumentation options for this work (oboe/bassoon/piano, oboe/saxophone/piano, saxophone/bassoon/piano), using these combinations to tell stories of joy, hope, frustration, and perseverance. The colors and combinations in each version reflect a vision of discovering who we are in unprecedented times and finding happiness in the journey.

Luis Fernando Amaya: Pregunta No.4: Quimera for solo bassoon

Premiered by 2021 IDRS artist Ben Roidl-Ward

The pieces I call “Preguntas” (Questions) are sonic, emotional, and intellectual investigations of a particular topic that’s very important to me. In “Pregunta no.4: Quimera”, we delved into the chimeric qualities of an imaginary landscape that we got to discover rather than invent. In this landscape, like in non-imaginary ones, even the most contrasting sub-climates are interconnected and interdependent. Composing this piece was, for both Ben and me, a personal exploration of the subtle complexities of bassoon sounds and of the different bridges or connections that can be found between them.

Tawnie Olson: Perfectly Logical for bassoon and looper pedal

Premiered by 2021 IDRS artist Rachael Elliott

All of us make odd decisions, or arrive at false beliefs, while believing ourselves to be “perfectly logical.” This piece similarly follows its own logical structural journey, but travels a bit too far and lands in the “wrong” place. This process may or may not be evident to the listener – just as our own motivated reasoning is sometimes perceptible to us, and sometimes not. Perfectly Logical was composed for Rachael Elliott and commissioned by the IDRS.