Second Annual Virtual Symposium

July 26-31, 2021

We are very excited to present the Second Annual IDRS Virtual Symposium. We are in the planning stages of this exciting event and it is shaping up to be spectacular! Registration information will be available soon. The event is free for anyone who would like to attend, however, we will be accepting donations to help defray some of the costs of this major event. Please see the list of invited artists below!

The IDRS Second Annual Virtual Symposium will feature:

Solo and chamber recitals featuring over 80 double reed performers from around the world

Lectures and
master classes

Panel discussions on important double reed community topics

Commissions and world premieres celebrating our 50 Year Anniversary

The Gillet-Fox and Norma Hooks Young Artist Competitions

A Virtual Exhibit Hall featuring a host of double reed vendors and instrument makers

A showcase of our Associate Organizations from around the world

IDRS General Meeting for Society Members

Please join us for this double reed filled event!

Confirmed Virtual Symposium Presentations


  • Derek Bannasch
  • Conor Bell
  • Cayla Bellamy
  • Nanci Belmont
  • Cassandra Bendickson
  • Gina Cuffari
  • Fábio Cury,
  • Glenn Einschlag
  • Rachael Elliott
  • Terry Ewell
  • Judith Farmer
  • Rachel Fredricksen
  • Joy Hoffman
  • Chia-Yu Hsu
  • Cody Hunter
  • Yoon Joo Hwang
  • Trent Jacobs
  • Joseph Kluesner
  • Nathan Koch
  • Blaire Koerner,
  • Sarah Lee
  • Shannon Lowe
  • Jeffrey Lyman
  • Kate MacKenzie
  • Jeffrey McCray
  • Albie Micklich
  • Lynn Moncilovich
  • Gina Moore
  • Adrian Morejon
  • Ryan Morris
  • Leigh Muñoz
  • Marissa Olegario
  • David Oyen
  • Stephanie Patterson
  • Drew Pattison
  • Scott Pool
  • Ben Roidl-Ward
  • Ryan Romine
  • Shawn Seguin
  • Christian Smith
  • Cornelia Sommer
  • Doug Spaniol
  • Staci Spring
  • Maya Stone
  • Marta Troicki
  • Lia Uribe
  • Martin Van Klompenberg
  • Robyn Watson
  • Andrew West
  • William Wheeler
  • Lindsey Wiehl,
  • Jacqueline Wilson
  • Jeff Womack
  • Rocio Yllescas
  • Natalie Zemba
  • Fernando Zúñiga-Chanto

Oboe/English Horn

  • Laura Adkins
  • Euridice Alvarez
  • Amy Anderson
  • Mary Lindsey Bailey
  • Stacey Berk
  • Lindabeth Binkley
  • Stuart Breczinski
  • Teil Buck
  • Stephanie Carlson
  • Jung Choi
  • Theresa Delaplain
  • Michele Fiala
  • Christa Garvey
  • Allison Gessner
  • Anne Gilby
  • Jared Hauser
  • Abby Held
  • Charles Huang
  • Jennet Ingle
  • Suzanne Jennison
  • Galit Kaunitz
  • Heather Killmeyer
  • Lorraine Kitts
  • Lisa Kozenko
  • Jeanine Krause
  • Kristin Leitterman
  • Ann Lemke
  • Nora Lewis
  • Heather Macdonald
  • Ron Cohen Mann
  • ToniMarie Marchioni
  • Margaret Marco
  • Rebecca Mindock
  • Alyssa Morris
  • Theodora Pejasinovic Proud
  • Jordan Pyle
  • Erika Qureshi
  • Sara Renner
  • Kristin Sarvela
  • Keith Sorrels
  • Nicholas Stovall
  • Dawn Striker
  • Elena Toncone
  • Robin Tropper
  • Ian WIsekal

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