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The IDRS Video Enhancement Project on is now complete.  The video archive available on is now served via a database engine. The database engine permits members to search through all IDRS video recordings on the site with the use of key words. For example, upon entering the key words “low strings,” the database will find video Popov_shastakovitch_1Mbps_Stream-H264performances of the Concerto for bassoon and low strings (1975), by Sofia Gubaidulina, and the Concerto for bassoon and low strings, by Ana Sokolovic, both performed by Stephane Levesque during the most recent IDRS conference at Birmingham, UK. Both examples are also in HD! The database also allows for a broad search. For example, one can find and display all thirty-five available video recordings of performances and master classes from the 2006 IDRS conference. To access the video site, members can look for the multimedia link on the home page.

Currently, there are 210 video segments available on, which are comprised of performances, master classes, interviews and a complete video archive of the Fernand Gillet – Hugo Fox International Competition from the past seven years. All video segments of performances are available to IDRS members only.

In 2002, Yoshi Ishikawa, editor of IDRS OnLine publications and former president of IDRS (1994-1997), conceived, created, and began the IDRS Video Enhancement Project. The objective of this project has been to produce one-of-a-kind, historical, and innovative video segments, which will inspire, educate, and entertain performers, pedagogues and students of double reed instruments. The goal has been to make available these video segments to the public via the most current technology.Levewque_1Mbps_Stream-H264

Ishikawa is assisted by Saxton Rose, associate editor of IDRS OnLine publications. The current and former video crew includes Saxton Rose, Brian Jack, Michael Christoph, Eric Johnson and George Downing. Ishikawa is the professor bassoon performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music, and Saxton Rose is a member of the artist faculty (bassoon performance) at the University of North Carolina, School of Music. Both Yoshi Ishikawa and Saxton Rose are active as soloists and have performed and presented master classes throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America. Video segments, which feature both Ishikawa and Rose, are part of the IDRS Video collection.

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