28th Annual conference
University of Wisconsin--Madison
Madison, Wisconsin

August 10-14, 1999

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 2000
IDRS WWW program edited by Terry B. Ewell and Yoshiyuki Ishikawa 

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  1. Welcome
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. IDRS Officers and Honorary Members
  4. Campus Map
  5. Program Overview
  6. Tuesday
    1. Nigro and Lane (cbsn.)
    2. Tait (ob.), Spaniol (bsn.)
    3. Lecture by Burgess (ob.)
    4. Henoch (ob.), Buchman (bsn.)
    5. Essex Winds, Franzdóttir (ob.), Jakodsdóttir (bsn.)
    6. Texas Baroque Reed Ensemble, Martínez (ob.)
    7. USAF Band of Mid-America, Winstead (bsn.),WiZARDS!
  7. Wednesday
    1. Harwell (bsn.)
    2. Jahren (ob.)
    3. Lecture by Dawson and Solbrig
    4. Aiolos Collective
    5. Kuszyk (ob.), Pierson (bsn.), Herbert (EH)
    6. Master Class by Winstead
    7. Wielgus (ob. d'am.), Moses (bsn.)
    8. McMullen (ob.), Eolos Woodwind Quintet
    9. Lewis (ob.), DeBolt (bsn.)
    10. Davis (bsn.), Daniel (ob.)
    11. Ishikawa (bsn.), Hill (ob.)
    12. Smith (bsn.), Minnis (bsn.)
    13. Benet Ob., Mélinon (ob. and ob. d'am.), Nieuwenhuis (EH), Vincentini (bsn.)
  8. Thursday
    1. Sweger (bsn.), Chan (bsn.), Gott (bsn.), Hauss (bsn.), Rhodes (bsn.), Wittkopf (bsn.)
    2. Barret (ob.), Burns (bsn.)
    3. Petty (EH), Ohlsson (ob.)
    4. Niblock (ob.), Perkins (bsn.)
    5. Burgess (Bar. Ob.), Vallon (Bar. Bssn.)
    6. Killmer (ob.), Gross (ob.), Hendrickson (ob.)
    7. Orland (ob.), Stephenson (ob.), Gordon (EH), Mottl (bssn.)
    8. Elliot (bsn.), Garavito (bsn.), Davis (bsn.), Ewell (bsn.), Corina (ob.)
    9. Lecture by Widder (shawm and ob.)
    10. Tribute to Sol Schoenbach
    11. Tchinakaev (ob.), Lacy (bsn.), Thompson (bsn.), Grossman (bsn.)
    12. Lecture by Brody
    13. Rapier (ob. and ob. d'am.)
    14. McGovern (bsn.), Freitas (bsn.)
    15. Lecture by Glenn
    16. Hunt (ob.)
    17. Jahren (ob.)
    18. Tanaka (bsn.)
  9. Friday
    1. Fernand Gillet Oboe Competition
    2. Lipori (bsn.)
    3. Lecture by Weisberg (bsn.)
    4. Master Class by Miller (bsn.)
    5. Bettez (bsn.), Rath (bsn.)
    6. Dowling (bsn.)
    7. Lecture by Dicker
    8. Burnett (bsn.), Gullickson (ob.)
    9. Lecture by Caswell
    10. Fucci (cbsn.)
    11. Nossyrev (ob.)
    12. Lecture by Sallagar (bsn.)
    13. Clark (bsn.), Merz (bsn.), Nordling (bsn.), Preves (bsn.), Bryce (cbsn.)
    14. Gordon (EH)
    15. Lecture by Leclair (ob.)
    16. McCandless (ob.), hanson (bsn.), Rabinowitz (bsn.)
    17. Leleux (ob.)
    18. Mereenzon (bsn.)
  10. Saturday
    1. Ludwig (bsn.), Vaneman (ob.)
    2. USAF Band of the Mid-America Chamber Winds
    3. Ithaca Wind Quintet
    4. Master Class by Rapier (ob.)
    5. Schuring (ob.), Schreiner (bsn.)
    6. Lecture by Goodman (bsn.)
    7. Master Class by McCandless (ob.), Hanson (bsn.), Rabinowitz (bsn.)
    8. Master Class by Schickele, Silvestrini, Weisberg
    9. Killmer (ob.), Tys (ob.), Dee (ob.), Weisberg (bsn.), Sakakeeny (bsn.), the Madison Symphony Orchestra
  11. Sponsors
  12. Exhibitors
  13. University of Wisconsin--Madison
  14. Biographies A-Go
  15. Biographies Gr-Mot
  16. Biographies Nib-UW
  17. Biographies UW-Z