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IDRS 30th Annual Conference, West Virginia University, West Virginia, United States

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Aiolos Collective 2:30pm
Winston Collier, Bassoon 2:30pm
Ann Marie Bingham, English Horn, & David Herbert, Oboe d'amore 2:30pm
Susan L. Nigro, Contrabassoon 2:30pm
Keith Sweger, Bassoon 3:30pm
Plymouth Trio 3:30pm
Fine Arts Double Reed Cinema Quartet 4:30pm
Michel Bettez, Bassoon 4:30pm
William Winstead, Bassoon 8:00pm
Quartetto Gelato 8:00pm

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Álvaro G. Díaz Rodriguez, Oboe 9:00am
Wendy Cooper, Bassoon 11:00am
Laureate Wind Quintet 1:30pm
William Davis, Bassoon 2:30pm
James R. McKay, Bassoon 3:00pm
Nancy Ambrose King, Oboe 3:30pm
Charles Pillow Group 3:30pm
H. Gene Griswald, Bassoon; Eddie Sanders III, Bassooon; Christopher Schaub, Bassoon 3:30pm
The Aurum Trio 4:30pm
Trevent 4:30pm
Steve Vacchi, Bassoon 4:50pm
Masahito Tanaka, Bassoon 8:00pm

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Martin Schuring, English Horn 10:30am
Brenda Schuman-Post, Oboe 11:10am
The Northwind Trio 1:30pm
Christian Eberle, Bassoon 1:30pm
S. Blake Duncan, English Horn 2:30pm
David Schreiner, Bassoon, & Jonathan Friedman, Bassoon 2:30pm
Cardinal Trio 3:30pm
Stephen Caplan, Oboe 3:30pm
James Rodgers, Bassoon 4:00pm
Michael Rabinowitz, Bassoon 8:00pm

Friday, August 10, 2001

Sandro Caldini, English Horn, & Fabio Paolo Rizzi, Oboe 9:00am
The Wangler Duo 9:45am
John Hunt, Bassoon 10:30am
Marion Kuszyk, Oboe, & Judith Farmer, Bassoon 11:15am
Japan Bassoon Society 1:30pm
Andrea Gullickson, Oboe 1:30pm
Monica Fucci, Contrabassoon 2:30pm
Fredonia Woodwind Quintet 2:30pm
Northern Hills Bassoon Ensemble 3:30pm
Peter Simpson, Bassoon, & Matthew Schuler, Bassoon 3:50pm
Edwin Lacy, Bassoon 4:30pm
U.S Army Orchestra with Guest Soloists 8:00pm

Saturday, August 11, 2001

Carrie Vecchione, English Horn 2:30pm
Douglas Spaniol, Bassoon 3:30pm
Mark Weiger, Oboe 3:30pm
Coast Guard Double Reed Ensemble 3:50pm
U.S Army Orchestra with Guest Soloists 8:00pm

Performers sorted alphabetically by last name:

Allison, Trueman Bassoon
Anderson, Cynthia Oboe
Anderson, Cynthia Oboe & English Horn
Barret, Mary Ashley Oboe
Beene, Richard Bassoon
Bettez, Michel Bassoon
Bingham, Ann Marie English Horn
Blatman, Josh Bassoon
Brazelton James, Tina Oboe
Caldini, Sandro English Horn
Caplan, Stephen Oboe
Cioffari, Cindy Bassoon
Cobert, Donna Marie Oboe
Collier, Winston Bassoon
Cooper, Wendy Bassoon
Corina, John Oboe
Cottone, Bennie English Horn
Davis, William Bassoon
DeAlmeida, Cynthia Koledo Oboe
DeLoach, Doris Oboe
Díaz Rodríguez, Álvaro G. Oboe
Duncan, S. Blake English Horn
Eberle, Christian Bassoon
Ebersold, Tim Bassoon
Ewell, Terry B. Bassoon
Farmer, Judith Bassoon
Fink, Marc Oboe
Freihofner, Phil Oboe
Friedman, Jonathan Bassoon
Fucci, Monica Contrabassoon
Gbur, Bruce Contrabassoon
Gillette, John Bassoon
Griswold, H. Gene Bassoon
Gullickson, Andrea Oboe
Halvorson, Kathy Oboe
Hamilton, Sarah Oboe & English Horn
Harvell, Matthew Bassoon
Hasty, Polly Bassoon
Herbert, David Oboe d'amore
Hoadley, Ben Bassoon
Hughes, Alex Oboe & English Horn
Hunt, Gordon Oboe
Hunt, John Bassoon
Ikeda, Eri Bassoon
Jocelyn, Jeffrey Bassoon
Kehoe, Stephanie Bassoon
King, Nancy Ambrose Oboe
Kohn, Harold Bassoon
Kuszyk, Marion Oboe
Lacy, Edwin Bassoon
Lévesque, Stéphane Bassoon
Lintz, Jeanine Bassoon
Lutt, Dana Bassoon
Mack, John Oboe
Manning, Dwight Oboe
Matsuzaki, Yoshiichiro Bassoon
McKay, James R. Bassoon
Merenzon, Andrea Bassoon
Miller, John Bassoon
Miyazaki, Juri Bassoon
Morris, Matthew Contrabassoon
Nichols, Mandy Bassoon
Nieuwenhuis, Jan Joris Oboe
Nigro, Susan L. Contrabassoon
Noreen, Rebecca Bassoon
Ostoich, Mark Oboe
Oyen, David Bassoon
Pillow, Charles Oboe & English Horn
Rabinowitz, Michael Bassoon
Reid, Chris Bassoon
Rizzi, Fabio Paolo Oboe
Rodgers, James Bassoon
Rodgers, James Contrabassoon
Saita, Hiroko Bassoon
Sales, Christopher Bassoon
Sanders III, Eddie Bassoon
Saunders, Ada Oboe
Schaub, Christopher Bassoon
Schreiner, David Bassoon
Schuler, Matthew Bassoon
Schuman-Post, Brenda Oboe
Schuring, Martin English Horn
Seals, Barrett Oboe
Shimaoka, Ikuyo Bassoon
Simpson, Peter Bassoon
Spaniol, Douglas Bassoon
Steljes, Cynthia Oboe & English Horn
Stevens, Melissa Oboe
Sweger, Keith Bassoon
Takeuchi, Ayaka Bassoon
Tanaka, Masahito Bassoon
Taylor, Heather Oboe
Tiberio, Lori Bassoon
Uno, Kaori Bassoon
Vacchi, Steve Bassoon
Valentino Zucchiatti Bassoon
Vecchione, Carrie English Horn
VerHeijen, Cees Oboe
Von Bargen, Bradley Bassoon
Wade, Stephen Oboe
Wangler, Frank Bassoon
Wangler, Kim Bassoon
Weait, Christopher Bassoon
Weiger, Mark Oboe
Wells, Tim Bassoon
Winstead, William Bassoon
Womack, Jeffrey Bassoon
Young, Wendy Bassoon

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