19th Annual IDRS Conference Cover

19th Annual IDRS Conference

Louisiana State University

School of Music

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

August 8-11, 1990

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 1999
IDRS WWW program edited by Terry B. Ewell 

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  1. Preface
  2. IDRS Officers, Hosts, Acknowledgements
  3. Sponsors
  4. Program at a Glance
  5. IDRS Baroque Institute
  6. Gillet Competition
  7. Wednesday
    1. Lehrer (ob.)
    2. Lecture: Reed Contribution, Cooper and Avery
    3. Baylor Chamber Players, National Reed Trio
    4. Hough (ob.), Royse (E.H.), Morrison (E. H.)
    5. Peeples (bsn.), Dietz (bsn.)
    6. Ludwig (bsn.)
    7. Lecture: Oboe and Bassoon Fingerings, Voorhees
    8. Lecture: The Breathing Bassoon, Lipp
    9. Lecture: A Look at Oboe Tone, Swiney and Harrison
    10. Brewer (Baroque ob.), Levin (Baroque bsn.)
    11. Quatuor Bacchianas
    12. Sargous (ob.), Azzolini (bsn.)
  8. Thursday
    1. Oboe master Class: Roseman
    2. Ridilla (ob.), Rehm (ob.), Huntingdon Trio
    3. Lecture: Anatomic and Physiologic...Bassoonists, Beckford
    4. Veasey (ob.), Schrier (bsn.)
    5. Southerly Winds Trio
    6. Lecture: Feinsmith
    7. Lecture: Speed-Reeding, Charles (ob.)
    8. Brody (ob.)
    9. Bloom (ob.), Yuan (ob.), Reschke (ob.)
    10. Popov (bsn.), Nilsson (bsn.)
    11. Barroque Institute Faculty Recital
  9. Friday
    1. Panel Discussion: Career Development
    2. Boone County Bassoon Band
    3. Teles (ob.), Dickinson (ob., E. H.)
    4. Bently (ob. E.H.), Biriotti (ob.)
    5. Bassoon Master Class: Winstead
    6. Dualities, Oostenryk (ob.)
    7. Beck (bsn.), Eifert (bsn.)
    8. XYZ Bassoon Trio
    9. Weisberg (bsn.), Roseman (ob.)
  10. Saturday and Sunday
    1. Mock Oboe Auditions
    2. Lecture: Research at the Library of Congress, Gifford
    3. Caplan (ob.), Ishikawa (bsn.)
    4. Lecture: Just Intonation, Durran
    5. Oboe Master Class: Bloom
    6. McFarland (E. H.)
    7. Lecture: Erb Contrabassoon Concerto, Henegar
    8. McCracken (bsn.), Weisberg (bsn.)
    9. Part (ob.), Morelli (bsn.)
    10. Lucarelli (ob.), Bloom (ob.), Morelli (bsn.), Popov (bsn.), Nilsson (bsn.)
    11. Master Class: Popov
  11. Biographies
  12. Hosts
  13. Advertisers and Exhibitors