18th Annual IDRS Conference Program

18th Annual IDRS Conference

Royal Northern College of Music

Manchester, U. K.

August 12-17, 1989

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  1. Preface by Yomi Mambu (Lord Mayor) and William Waterhouse
  2. I.D.R.S. Officers and Conference Hosts
  3. Saturday, August 12th
    1. RNCM Wind Orch, Theodore (ob.), Orford (bsn.), Price (bsn.)
  4. Sunday, August 13th
    1. Lectures by Heinrich, Thompson
    2. Sierra Woodwind Quintet, Harlaxton Woodwind Quintet
    3. Azzolini (bsn.), Holder (bsn.)
    4. Girard (heckelphone)
    5. Hunt (ob.), Waterhouse (bsn.)
    6. Lecture by Farrar
    7. Sheba Sound
    8. Arnaud (ob.), Audin (bsn.)
  5. Monday, August 14th
    1. Lectures by Veazey, Weait, Edwards
    2. Sargous (ob.), Davis (E.H.)
    3. Schneider (ob.), Oozounoff Trio
    4. Akron Reed Trio, Victoria Reed Trio
    5. Panel discussion by Waterhouse, Birnstingl, Weisberg
    6. Daniel (ob.)
    7. Skolnick (c.bsn.), Roberts (bsn.)
    8. Indermühle (ob.), Azzolini (bsn.)
    9. Watts (bsn.), Mistral oboe group, Chione oboe trio, RNCM bassoon quartet
  6. Tuesday, August 15th
    1. Lectures by Carland, Apfelstadt, Corey, Lukacs and Brown
    2. Wilson (ob.), Green (ob.), Canter (ob.), Grazzi (Baroque bsn.)
    3. Lecture by Salter
    4. Birrnstingl (bsn.), Walker (bsn.), Ensemble de bassoons de Tours
    5. Lecture by Wiggins
    6. Lecture by Tarlton
    7. Ensemble Couperin
    8. Janota (bsn.), Dietz (bsn.), Meek (bsn.) DeBolt (bsn.)
    9. Lecture by Wolf
    10. Popov (bsn.)
    11. Lecture by Goossens
  7. Wednesday, August 16th
    1. Lectures by White, Rhodes, Fox, de Wit
    2. Goodwin (Baroque ob.), Messiter
    3. Panel discussion by Barbirolli, Caird, Nicklin, Schneider, Elhorst
    4. Lecture by Weir
    5. Grazzi Baroque Trio, Salter (ob.)
    6. Florida Chamber Virtuosi, Teikari (ob.), Leleux (ob.)
    7. de Wit (bsn.), Wiese (ob.)
    8. Zoboli (ob.), Weisberg (bsn.)
  8. Thursday, August 17th
    1. Lectures by Bernardini, Haynes, Goossens
    2. Lectures by Braach, Joppig, Weidaur, Cervenka
    3. IDRS Double Reed Ensemble
    4. Oostenrijk (ob.), Walker (bsn.)
    5. Lecture by Cooper
    6. Oklahoma Quintet, Lyrical Chamberwinds Trio
    7. BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Holliger (ob.), Popov (bsn.)
  9. Fernand Gillet Young Artist Competition
  10. Sponsors
  11. Biographies
  12. Exhibitors