16th Annual IDRS Conference Program Cover

16th Annual IDRS Conference

University of Nevada

Las Vegas

August 16-19, 1987

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 1999
IDRS WWW program edited by Terry B. Ewell 

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  1. Preface (with Index)
  2. Sunday
    1. The Calfornia Double Reed Quartet
    2. Vogel (ob.)
  3. Monday
    1. Gillet Competition (bsn.)
    2. Phipps (bsn.
    3. Panel Discussion by Post, Covey, Gourdon, Fox, Hollander, Pullen, Clark, Rilba, and Rigoutat
    4. The King's Trumpetts and Shalmes
    5. Ouzounoff (bsn.)
    6. Lecture: Advanced Reed Design, by Eubanks
    7. Fink (ob.), Leech (bsn.)
    8. Grossman (bsn.)
    9. Eubanks (bsn.)
  4. Tuesday
    1. Lecture: Vibrato, by Weait
    2. Lecture: oboe Voicing, by Swiney and Harrison
    3. Gornik (E.H.), Gottling (bsn.), Argersinger (ob.), Prodan (ob.), Beebe (Bsn.), Rath (bsn.), Stacy (E.H.)
    4. Nakanishi (bsn.)
    5. Wiese (ob.)
    6. Goodmand (bsn.), Sargous (ob.)
    7. Still (ob.), Gordon (ob.), Vrbsky (ob.), Olson (ob.), Koch (E. H.)
  5. Wednesday
    1. Lecture: Transcribing for bassoon, Ludwig
    2. North American French Bassoon Quartet
    3. Lecture: A new Key System for Oboe, Ricca
    4. Olivier (bsn.), Weiss (ob., E. H., saw!)
    5. Ranti (bsn.), IDRS Double Reed Orchestra
  6. Appendix 1 and 2 (Host and Acknowledgements)
  7. Appendix 3 (information on performers)
  8. Appendix 4 (Exhibitors)

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