20th Annual IDRS Conference

20th Annual IDRS Conference

Towson State University


August 13-17, 1991

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 1999
IDRS WWW program edited by Terry B. Ewell 

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  1. Preface
    1. Founders of the IDRS
    2. Welcoming letters
  2. Hosts
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Program at a Glance
  5. Tuesday
    1. The Plymouth Trio
    2. McGill (bsn.), Woodhams (ob.)
  6. Wednesday
    1. Obohio, Tennessee Bassoon Quartet
    2. Lecture: McAleer (bsn.)
    3. Master Class: Schiltz (E. H.)
    4. Lecture: Ostryniec (ob.)
    5. Master Class: Ewell (bsn.)
    6. Prodan (ob.), Weiss (ob.)
    7. Lecture: Covey (ob.)
    8. Lecture: Waterhouse (bsn.)
    9. Cooper (ob.), Sakakeeny (bsn.)
    10. Lecture: Casadonte
    11. Master Class: Pasmanick (bsn.)
    12. Master Class: Caldwell (ob.)
    13. Turner (ob.), Kolker (bsn.)
  7. Thursday
    1. Lecture: Kella and Pascarelli
    2. Krvchak (E. H.), McFarland (E. H.)
    3. Lecture: Shorter and Vernier (ob.)
    4. Bolyard (bsn.)
    5. The Biggs-Dutton-Read Trio
    6. Lecture: Ross
    7. Nigro (cbsn.), North American French BassoonQuartet, Kent Bassoon Ensemble
    8. Master Class: Watkins (ob.)
    9. Lecture: Swiney (ob.)
    10. The Pennsylania Quintet, Wiilson (ob.)
    11. The Huntington Trio, The Henschel Ensemble, Tuchina, the Ramey Trio, Spontaneous Winds
    12. Harbor Cruise with music
  8. Friday
    1. Master Class: Varcol (ob.)
    2. Lecture: Sharrow (bsn.)
    3. Beck (bsn.), Robison (bsn.), Bachrach (bsn.), Grossman and Ewell (bsn.)
    4. Master Class: Dusté (ob.)
    5. Gillet Finalists
    6. Lecture: Santucci
    7. Master Class: Reinhard (bsn.)
    8. Lecture: Herzberg (bsn.)
    9. Arnaud (ob.)
    10. Miller (bsn.), Weait (bsn.), Reinhard (bsn.) Shin (bsn.), Boyd (bsn.) Davis and McClelland (bsn.)
    11. Watkins (ob.), Harwell (bsn.), Wielgus (ob.)
  9. Saturday
    1. Lecture: Rooney (bsn.)
    2. Panel Discussion: Post et al
    3. Delaplain (ob.), Brown (bsn.), The United States Air Force Woodwind Quintet
    4. Discussion: Sharrow (bsn.)
    5. Lehrer (ob.)
    6. Peoples (bsn.)
    7. Stacy (ob.), Thompson (bsn.), Sogg (bsn.)
    8. The United States Air Force Chamber Orchestra, Kilmer (ob.), Phipps (bsn.), Varcol (ob.), Read (bsn.), Miller (bsn.), Turkovic (bsn.)
  10. Biographies of Soloists and Lecturers A-M
  11. Biographies of Soloists and Lectures N-Z
  12. Biographies of Ensembles
  13. Biographies of Composers
  14. Biographies of Supporting Musicians
  15. Exhibitors