17th Annual IDRS Conference--Victoria

17th Annual IDRS Conference

University of Victoria

Victoria, Canada

August 8-12, 1988

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  1. Welcome
  2. Program
  3. Exhibition
  4. Social Events
  5. Map of University of Victoria
  6. Map of Victoria and Vicinity
  7. Monday
    1. Ohlsson (ob.), Fink (ob.), Lottridge (bsn.)
    2. USAF Band of the Pacific Northwest, Harlow (bsn.), Gould (ob.)
    3. Cole (ob.), Byrne (ob.), Hilborn (bsn.), Pohran (ob.), Sutor (bsn.)
  8. Tuesday
    1. Gillet Competition
    2. Lecture by Fross
    3. Simpson (bsn.), Atkinson (ob.), Kolker (bsn.)
    4. Mack (ob.) Rathbun (ob.), Kravchak (EH), Dietz (bsn.)
    5. Eastwind Quintet
  9. Wednesday
    1. Panel discussion by Arnaud, Mack, Storch, de Vries, and Yu
    2. Arnaud (ob.)
    3. Lecture by Buttemer (bsn.)
    4. Lecture by Waterhouse (bsn.)
    5. Presentation by Henkel
  10. Thursday
    1. Fernand Gillet Competition
    2. Varcol (ob.), Renwick (ob.), Mullison (ob.), Sussman (ob.)
    3. Walker (bsn.)
  11. Friday
    1. Kroeker (ob.), Durran (bsn.), Laib (ob.), Corina (ob.), Davis (bsn.)
    2. Gala Concert of Handel's Music