Bassoon Case market in 2020

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    Callahan Lieungh

    Hi All!
    I am faced with a huge decision: what case to get for my late 11k Heckel. It came with a tattered McGregor case, and with its slightly varied proportions, the newest run of Bam cases doesn’t fit my instrument. My ideal case is the St. Germain from bam because the zipper is stitched into the cover itself, and the inside is very supportive and holds the instrument very nicely in its plush cradles and molded foam. I am trying to avoid the adjustable-foam-block style cases to protect the finish of the bassoon for as long as possible. Does anyone know of any alternatives that would be accommodating of the slightly awkward proportions of the instrument but have a supportive foam interior that is coated all in plush material?
    I feel like I have looked everywhere, but if anyone knows of any suggestions, I’m all ears!
    I just want to make sure I can get the best protection for my instrument with no compromise.
    Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated!:)

    Arnold Wexler MD

    Callahan: I, like you, have tried many Bassoon Cases, and have collected many over the years. My latest “find” is surprising: From the company Protec. They have their newest case which is ~$180 if memory serves, and is a Stand-Up style, with individual “chutes” for the various parts. Loads of pockets, too. Backpack-yes. I have used it for gigs where I didn’t have room to rest my case(s) lengthwise, as this one stands upright. You cannot beat the price, and the quality is amazing, regardless of the price. Arnie.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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