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    Benjamin Steinhorn

    For sale is a Fox 660 SN #43xxx played professionally in the Chicago Symphony before I purchased it in 2008. It has the following additional keywork: Left pinky (French) whisper key, right hand Eb trill, right thumb Ab/Bb trill key, double high E key, left thumb low C# key (also facilitates C#/D# trills) and additional rollers on left thumb C/D keys, left thumb A key and right thumb Bb/F# keys. It is in very good condition with minor scratches and wear in the finish.

    Pictures can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g4o3143nykn6fm8/AAActCBpvn8hpS1PQaX61BVKa?dl=0

    It will come with the 2 bocals that originally came with the instrument (Fox CTX and CTC bocals with Chicago-style bends, one of which was the primary bocal used with the instrument in the CSO). It will also come with the original Fox oval case (essentially unused) as well as a Marcus Bonna case. The instrument can be tried in the Boston or DC area. Asking $24,000. Please contact me (Ben) at bbassoon@gmail.com if interested or for more information.

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