Gilbert Shaper Tip

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    Nathaniel Holden

    Greetings fellow oboe reed sufferers! I am a reed maker of about two years and am about to head off to college, so I figured I’d get an idea for what shaper tips do and what not. I have been using generic rigotti shaped cane for a while which is shaped pretty wide, and I wanted to try out a straighter, narrower tip. My goal was to make some reeds I don’t need to blow as hard for to get to work the way I want, as I made pretty stable reeds. So naturally Gilbert was perfect for that. I got some shaped cane that is in the shapes Gilbert 1, -1, and 1n. So far I have only tried the -1 and I’m getting very resistant reeds that I can’t get a low crow out of. They play but they are hard to get vibrating and to get moving. It feels like I’m playing a dead reed. I have tried to remedy this naturally by taking of more cane, but it doesn’t seem to help. The opening appears to be perfectly fine. The only difference between these reeds and my previous ones are the shaper and that I’ve started tying them slightly longer, 73mm instead of 72mm but I can’t imagine that makes THAT much of a difference right? If anyone who uses this shape could give me some tips (heh heh) that’d be much appreciated! Oh also I’m using chiarugi o ring staples, I love them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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