Looking for MP3’s of John Mack and other orchestral recordings…

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    Kristi Kiene

    I’m having a really hard time finding things like this–does anyone know of a good site to find these?
    I don’t mind paying for them, but I just can’t seem to find them on anything.

    Patricia Emerson Mitchell

    I’m not sure if you are saying you want only recordings of John Mack in an orchestral setting, solos with John Mack, or recordings of any oboists in an orchestral setting … sorry … sometimes I’m slow!

    BUT … I use emusic.com to obtain a lot of recordings. It’s a service you pay for monthly, and I’ve found it wonderful. But while you’ll hear a lot of fine oboists, John Mack isn’t included. I’ve only purchased CDs of his.

    I did just see that iTunes has a CD called “Masters of the Oboe” and it includes John Mack playing the Mozart Oboe Concerto.

    Update: I just located this site: http://www.eclassical.com/ and you can search on instruments! That might help you as well.

    Stephen Kaupiko

    I just picked up that CD “Masters of the Oboe” and it’s a well done compilation of some good works by various oboists. I got it at Tower Records, but it’s on Amazon too. I’m afraid it’s the first and only recording I have of John Mack so I can’t offer any other suggestions.

    Here’s the CD outline though (mostly copied):

    Disc: 1

    Heinz Holliger
    1. Andante E Spiccato – I Musici
    2. Adagio – I Musici
    3. Presto – I Musici

    John Mack
    4. Allegro Aperto – John Mack
    5. Adagio Non Troppo – John Mack
    6. Rondo.Allegretto – John Mack

    Lothar Koch
    7. Allegro Moderato – Herbert Von Karajan
    8. Andante – Herbert Von Karajan
    9. Vivace – Allegro – Herbert Von Karajan

    Celia Nicklin
    10. Rondo Pastorale – The Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields
    11. Minuet & Musette – The Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields
    12. Finale – The Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields

    Disc: 2

    Hansjorg Schellenberger
    1. (Allegro) – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    2. Adagio – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    3. Allegro – Hansjorg Schellenberger

    Neil Black
    4. Allegro – Stephen Shingles
    5. Adagio – Stephen Shingles
    6. Rondeau. Allegro – Stephen Shingles

    Ray Still
    7. Prelude From Le Tombeau De Couperin – Chicago Symphony Orchestra

    Heinz Holliger
    8. Finale. Presto – Heinz Holliger

    Hansjorg Schellenberger
    9. No.1 Nicht Schnell – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    10. No.2 Einfach, Innig – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    11. No.3 Nicht Schnell – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    12. Pan – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    13. Phaeton – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    14. Niobe – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    15. Bacchus – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    16. Narcissus – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    17. Arethusa – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    18. Elegie – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    19. Scherzo – Hansjorg Schellenberger
    20. Deploration – Hansjorg Schellenberger

    Ralph Gomberg
    21. Pastorale – Joseph Silverstein

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