New Music for Double Reeds!

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    Ryan Hare

    I have a few pieces available for oboe and bassoon (solos and chamber music). They are self-published; preview scores are available for free upon request:

    Canzonetta for solo oboe (1999, 6′)

    Intrada for solo bassoon (2003, 4′)

    Viriditas for oboe and bassoon (2004, 5′)

    Three Pieces for Two Bassoons (1991, 6′)

    Three Bagatelles for Three Bassoons and Contrabassoon (1996, 7′)*
    *in preparation

    All scores have been scrupulously engraved using Sibelius. Review copies will typically be sent electronically as pdf files in email attachments; hard copies (published quality) are available also.

    My style (by the way, it’s not that easy to put one’s own compositional style into words) might be described as essentially modernist. The above works are all rhythmically and melodically complex, and convey distinctive strong emotions, from pathos through spirited humor. Immediate influences include Stravinsky, Elliott Carter, Varese Ruth Crawford Seeger. In terms of extended techniques, Canzonetta and Intrada include some multiphonics. Actually, Intrada uses nothing but multiphonics. Viriditas includes a few quarter-tone pitch bends. They range from moderately to quite difficult; in particular, Canzonetta and Viriditas are at least at the level of an advanced graduate student. The bassoon duet and quartet are easier.

    Please feel free to request score copies, or contact me if you have questions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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