Pre-Gouging Machines

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    Chris Connors


    Has anyone run any tests on the efficiency of using a pre-gouging machine? I have been looking at the Reeds N’Stuff and also the Kunibert machine. I am currently using a push pre-gouger in conjunction with a planing board. I know the argument for the pre-gouging machines is that they save your gouger blade however it seems quite pricey to purchase either machine since both are above $800 USD.

    Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!



    John Amstutz

    I have owned a Reeds N Stuff pregouger since 2012. It is a convenient tool, compared to the push filotine (spp?) and/or planer.
    As far as “testing efficiency”, compared to the the filotine/planer system, it would be difficult to design a comparative test. Mostly it is a matter of personal preference
    Personally, having used the filotine prior to buying the pregouger, it does take more strokes on the gouger, compared to use of the pregouger. I can gouge canes on my Ridilla model Reeds N Stuff gouger with about 4-8 strokes each direction. So yes, it is true that the life of a gouger blade can be extended with use of the pregouger, although one would have to gouge probably thousands of canes to amortize the cost of the pregouger. Bottom line is that the crank pregouger is a matter of personal preference or convenience, as I previously noted, and, are you willing to spend the money. I am happy with mine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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