Puchner Contrabassoon Model 28

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    Waldemar H. Nowak

    Long term IDRS-Member at the brink to terminate his musical tenure offers his Puchner Contrabassoon Series 10.000 for sale:
    Instrument made of curly Mountain Maple in dark red finish.
    Silver plated mechanism reaching down to Sub-Contra Bb. Luxory Make-Up (Model 28)
    Keywork adapted for comfortable reach with totally 13 rollers. The full mechanism is furnished with Nylon-lined Pivot Screw Keys.
    Instrument is newly padded and completely overhauled by experienced German Instrument Specialist.
    Accessories: 2 Original Bocals, handycrafted Mahagony Hand-Rest, wooden reed box (for six reeds).
    Aluminium Transport Case.
    Asking: 26,500.00 US$

    Contact: Waldemar H. Nowak, Schubertstrasse 15a, D-63500 Seligenstadt (Germany), E-Mail: w.nowak@hotmail.de, phone: 0049 6182 200238

    Photoes avaialable upon request. Instrument will be shipped for testing purposes based upon shared transportation cost.

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