Telemann Oboe Concerto in D minor TWV 51:d2

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    Are there any vendors in the United States that sell the Telemann Oboe Concerto TWV 51:d2? I know Verlag pusblishes the score, but does anyone in the United States have it?


    Jim Drayton

    Dwight Manning

    Jim, after a quick search, I found a few options for securing a copy of this work. Sheetmusicplus in California seems to have it in their inventory http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Konzert-fur-Oboe-in-d-Oboe-Concerto-in-D-minor-Concerto-pour-hautbois-en-re-mineur/4629467

    The work is edited by Wolfgang Hirschmann and published by Carus Verlag (Eng: Carus Publishing House) which offers it for
    19.95 €. You may wish to order directly from the publisher (it seems they’ll accept your credit card order) or borrow it through interlibrary loan (your university library can guide you in this). Worldcat indicates that Middlebury College has a copy http://www.worldcat.org/title/oboenkonzert-in-d-twv-51-d2-fur-oboe-2-violini-viola-e-basso-continuo-concert-for-oboe-for-oboe-2-violins-viola-and-basso-continuo/oclc/463092940&referer=brief_results

    -happy hunting,



    Thank you so much!!! You are a life saver!!!!

    Jim Drayton

    Trevor Cramer

    Check out the Trevco-Varner site. Looks like they have it in stock….Ob/pn as well as oboe & orchestra. http://Www.trevcomusic.com

    Dwight Manning

    Trevor, I’m wondering if that 1953 Tottcher/Sikorski edition is the same D Minor Oboe Concerto that Jim is seeking. It seems Telemann may have written more than one D Minor concerto for oboe. Keys of 1 flat were very idiomatic for the oboe of the day and works in those tonalities seem common.

    Anyone have time to pursue this? Incipits may illuminate any differences.


    Delmar Williams

    I sent this thread to several people for their ideas. Here is Chick Lehrer’s reply:

    “””…there are two known Telemann concertos for Oboe and Orchestra in D-Minor:

    TWV 51:d 1 Concerto, en ré mineur, pour hautbois, cordes et basse continue

    1. Adagio
    2. [Allegro]
    3. Adagio
    4. [Allegro]

    TWV 51:d 2 Concerto, en ré mineur, pour hautbois, cordes et basse continue

    1. Largo
    2. Vivace
    3. Andante (la mineur)
    4. Allegro

    If you are asking if there others yet to be found: I would say that this is always a possibility, particularly if some of those originally intended for instruments other than the oboe were later modified both key-wise and range-wise for the oboe by the composer or by certain performers. Then there are sinfonie attached to cantatas etc. which should be checked out in this regard. There are many examples of such procedures by both JS Bach and GF Handel in their works.

    Additionally, there is one other area: I speak of sonatas. These are easily changed into concertos by the addition of ritornelli to the quick movements. The early Mozart piano concertos were created in this manner: I believe there are 6 altogether.”””

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