Try my Fast-system Fox contrabassoon at IDRS conference!

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    William Safford

    My Fast-system Fox contrabassoon will be available for trial at IDRS in Florida. If you are shopping for a contrabassoon, bring your reeds and give it a try!

    Fast system Fox contrabassoon #5xx, made in 2004. The patented five-vent register system with two semi-automatic mechanisms greatly improves the performance, and significantly extends the practical range of the instrument to over four octaves.

    It is the right instrument for a professional or aspiring professional contrabassoonist.

    Other Fast-system instruments are being played by members of the New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, and other high-level musicians.

    It is equipped with the standard keywork for a Fast system contra of that vintage, which includes:

    • Patented five-vent register system with two semi-automatic mechanisms, operated by three spatulas (upper vent, lower vent, and side key for the D vent), for greatly improved intonation and clarity of attack and tone in the second, third, and fourth octaves, and simplified fingerings
    • Divorced low E mechanism, which improves the clarity and intonation of several problem notes in the lower and middle registers, by decoupling the low E from the lower vent spatula, and creating a new connection with the G key (right ring finger)
    • Alternate Eb touches for the right forefinger and left pinky
    • Alternate C# touches for the left pinky, left thumb (next to the upper vent spatula, to assist with written E and F above middle C), and right middle finger (in place of the deleted alternate Bb)
    • Elongated low D spatula
    • Reference tab on the B spatula (right hand forefinger)
    • Flattened surfaces on the primary touches (E, D, C, B, A, G)
    • Alternate touch for the D vent for the left thumb.

    In addition, this instrument includes:

    • F# trill key (also very useful for the extreme high register)
    • Right thumb Ab key
    • Rollers on:
    ⁃ low Db/Eb
    ⁃ F/Ab
    ⁃ left ring finger C/Eb
    ⁃ C# and lower vent
    ⁃ thumb F#, Bb (one each)
    • Neck strap ring
    • Adjustable peg
    • Wooden hand rest for the right hand.

    The instrument is in excellent condition, freshly serviced at the Fox factory. It has the incredibly even, resonant, and clear scale of a Fast system instrument, especially in the upper register. It has over a four octave usable range, from low Bb to the written C# two ledger lines above the treble clef staff. It has been serviced by the Fox factory and by Charles Huebner. I am the original owner.

    I am asking $39,000 (U.S.). This includes the instrument, one Fox bocal, fingering chart, and the original hard case in good used condition.

    It is available for purchase immediately.

    Please feel free to ask questions.

    William Safford

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