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    Vladimir Kacar

    Hi everyone, my name is Vladimir Vladi Kacar ,bassoon player in Vienna / Austria and owner of “Viennareeds”
    For some of you wellnone from IDRS coference in Granada , where i was as exibitor.

    I just want to invite you to visit my shop , where you can find and buy gouged cane , gouged andprofiled and fineshed reeds.
    I m happy to say that i have wellnone bassoonist as well in my costums list , what makes me realy happy.
    You can choose from 5 diferten Facons :
    Rieger 1 (tightes one)
    Rieger 1a (most played in Europe)
    Rieger 2 ( the widest one)
    Rieger 5 ( beetween 1a and 5)
    Rieger 6 (Spetial one )

    As spetial service i m doing the reeds ” as you like” , if you can explane me what you need 🙂

    So hope to see and read from you .
    All the best from Vienna

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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