what were the measurements of the old Cleveland Orch bassoon reed style?

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Home Forums Reeds The Bassoon Reed Room what were the measurements of the old Cleveland Orch bassoon reed style?

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    Steve Harriswangler

    Hello to everybody,

    I am sending this from my little corner of Spain, under self quarantine with my family, ( none of us are sick, just following the rules as best we can).

    Anyway, I have been making a lot of bassoon reeds, exploring reeds styles and one style I have always been interested in, is the old Cleveland reed style. I was very lucky to have spent two summers at Blossom, with Ron Phillips as the teacher. I have always been very lucky with bassoon teachers and I have to say Mr. Phillips was no exception. He was kind, calm, patient and so much fun to be around, he could always make you feel good about yourself. I wish I had been organized enough to stay in touch with him over the years. I am so thankful for the small amount of time I spent in his class. I remember, after his performance of principal in Pulcinella, telling him, I´ve never heard it played so well, just how humble and surprised he was. I remember he would always get me tickets when the Cleveland Orchestra came to NYC, I really wish I could have known him better.

    Another anyway, I will get to my question. Does anybody have the measurements of the reeds that Ron Phillips and George Goslee were using in those days? I remember the reeds being a LOT bigger than mine and loving the sound of the bassoon section. My largest reed is a 30mm tube and a 28mm blade with a shaper tip that starts at 16.2mm. I seem to remember their reeds being larger, but this is 32 years ago. There is an 18.2 mm shape on Rieger (#21′), that might be the shape similar to what they used, , because there was talk about their reeds being “German”.

    Well, thanks to anyone in advance that can help and everybody stay safe and at home in this difficult time,

    Warmest wishes,

    Steve Harriswangler ( principal bassoon, Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia, A Coruña, Spain)

    Steve Harriswangler

    Silly me, I had forgotten about my friend Fernando Traba who had worked with Mr.Goslee in Cleveland before I knew him at Juilliard. Fernando sent me his measurements of a reed he had saved from Mr. Goslee. Fernando said he suspected it was a Pfeiffer Pezzi shape, and the measurements he sent me are,

    Total length: 57.5mm
    Blade length (from ledge): 29.1mm
    Bottom to ledge: 28.4mm
    1st wire is at ledge
    Bottom to 2nd wire (top of it): 19.4mm
    Blade width at tip: 14.2mm

    I am experimenting with larger reeds for fun right now, I realize that my impression of their reeds being so large is because of a much smaller reed style that I used while I was in school.

    Lawrence A. Gardner

    I have an old Goslee reed, probably from summer of 1979 or so, when I attended Blossom Festival School. It’s 57mm, but it may have shrunk after all these years. The blade is about 14.5mm at the tip. the first wire is behind the ledge.

    Steve Harriswangler

    Ok! Great! Thank you! Best wishes and stay safe!

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