Practice Disk #2 Index

This folder contains 60 files. 

19 March 09

Examples of Document names in the Bassoon Practice Disks:

Drone_C+ is a Drone on C#

MAA60B- is a Major Arpeggio at mm 60 in B flat

MAS80A is a Major Scale at mm 80 in A

MIS60E- is a Harmonic Minor Scale at mm 60 in E-

D7_80F+ is a Dominant 7th at mm 80 starting on F#

 In the tables below the star "*" with file names is a wild character, that is, it indicates any number or letter.

Recorded by Terry B. Ewell


File Name

Dom. 7th Arpeggios at mm 60


Major Arpeggios at mm 80


Major Scales at mm 80


Minor Arpeggios at mm 80


Harmonic Minor Scales at mm80



All scales and arpeggios up to E5 (High E) with starting repeated notes.