The Double Reed Vol. I, No. 2

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 1995
© International Double Reed Society: East Lansing, Michigan, USA -- 1978

Original issue edited by Gerald Corey and Daniel Stolper
IDRS WWW issue edited by Eric J. Petersen and Jeffrey P. Vach

  1. From the President
  2. IDRS Treasurer's Report
  3. Das Fagott - A Brilliant New Bassoon Method - An Introduction/Review: Gerald E. Corey
  4. A French Bassoonist In the United States - Auguste Mesnard: Laurence Ibisch
  5. New Zealand Double Reeds: Ian Falloon
  6. A New Easel for Profiling: Cecil E. James
  7. A Profile of Freddie Pfeifer - Master Machinist : Richard Boerlin
  8. Difficult Fingerings - Towards a Better Service
  9. Revelation the Fifth: Mel Brooks Does Not Like Bassoons: from the Rolling Stone
  10. An Easy, Inexpensive Stand for the Contra: Leonard Uttal
  11. New Music, Books
  12. Interesting Performances
  13. Announcements, Notes of Interest
  14. News Notes . . . Personalities . . . Performances
  15. 1980 Convention
  16. Book Reviews: Robert Howe and J. Robert Moore
  17. The Perfect Reed: Nicholas Todd and Robert Probasco
  18. Words of Wisdom: Stevens Hewitt
  19. Nora Post - A Profile
  20. First Perfomances
  21. Los Angeles Convention Highlights