Cover to DR 13/2

The Double Reed, Vol. 13, No. 2

Spring 1990

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 2000
© International Double Reed Society: Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA -- 1990

Original issue edited by Daniel Stolper and Ron Klimko
IDRS WWW issue edited by Terry B. Ewell  and Jeffrey P. Vach


  1. IDRS Officers
  2. Honorary Members
  3. From the President: Charles Veazey
  4. Report of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Lowry Riggins
  5. The Conference at Baton Rouge: Impressions: Paul Blackman
  6. The Baroque Institute: William Chinworth
  7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I.D.R.S. 1990; A Photographic Biography of the Conference from Gavel to Gavel
  8. I.D.R.S. Names Two New Honorary Members
  9. Programs of the Baton Rouge Conference
  10. From the Bassoon Editor's Desk: Ron Klimko
  11. Report on the 1990 Fernand Gillet Bassoon Competition: Marc Apfelstadt
  12. Career Development: Generating the Art: Norman Herzberg
  13. The Constipated Swab: Reuben Berman
  14. Stolen Oboes and Bassoons
  15. Interesting Performances from A to Z
  16. Letters to the Editors
    1. Comments on recent IDRS publications by Lewis Dann
    2. Using a Black and Decker tool to wrap bassoon reeds by Ron Vachon
    3. Growing cane in California by Vernon Read
    4. Discussion of the 19th Annual IDRS conference by Harold Emert
    5. Details of a contrabassoon recital by Henry Skolnick
    6. Comments from Antero Ojanto
  17. Oboe Recording Reviews: Jeanne Belfy
    1. Bach and Vivaldi Oboe Concerti Grossi, Heinz Holliger, Oboe
    2. Britten Metamorphoses, Sara Watkins, Oboe
    3. Foote, Holst, and Musgrave, Rheta Smith, Oboe
    4. Oboist Peter Christ, Crystal Chamber Soloists
    5. Reicha Quintets, The Academia Wind Quintet of Prague
    6. Miami Wind Quintet Andrea Ridilla, Oboe, John Heard, Bassoon
    7. Handel Complete Sonatas for Flute and Oboe Bruce Haynes, Oboe, Hans-Jurg Lange, Bassoon
  18. Bassoon Record Reviews: Lowry Riggins, Ron Klimko
    1. QUINTETTE MORAGUES, David Walter, oboe; Patrick Vilaire, bassoon
    2. MOZART, HORN CONCERTOS NOS. 2 AND 3, OBOE CONCERTO, BASSOON CONCERTO, Randall Wolfgang, oboe; Frank Morelli, bassoon
  19. Something to Crow About: Stephen Caplan
    1. Sonic Landscapes (for oboe and taped electronic music) by Mark Phillips
    2. Thelema's Hot Machine (for oboe solo) by Fulvio Caldini
    3. Quartet No. 1, Quartet No. 2 (for oboe, trumpet, bassoon and piano) Nikos Skalkottas
    4. Four Duets (for oboe and English horn) Alec Wilder
  20. Georges Longy: Barbara Jeskalian
  21. Bassoonists' News of Interest: Ron Klimko
  22. How to Preserve your Reeds and Cane With Minimal Cost and Effort After 45 Years: Manuel Ziegler
  23. Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec and Desire Dihau: Portraits of a Bassoonist and His Bassoon: Mindy Keyes
  24. Willson Osborne's Rhapsody for Bassoon: Terry B. Ewell
  25. Preventing Overuse Injuries in Oboists: Ruth Blatt
  26. Lost Sheep

On the cover: We are indebted to I.D.R.S. member Edward Wadin
for this lovely photograph of "Reeds-In-Progress." ED