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The Journal of the

International Double Reed Society

No. 21, July 1993

© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 2006
© International Double Reed Society: Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA -- 1993

Original issue edited by Daniel Stolper and Ron Klimko
IDRS WWW issue edited by Terry B. Ewell  and Jeffrey P. Vach


  1. IDRS Officers and Honorary Members
  2. Mozart's Concertos for Oboe and Bassoon: How Their Structures Were Conceived: Charles-David Lerhrer
    1. Holliger's Cadenzas
  3. The Double Reed Society of Finland
  4. Crusell Bassoon Competition Open to all Nordics And Baltics
  5. An Investigation of the Physiological Effects Achieved in the Execution of Several Vibrato Types on the Bassoon: Fanie Jooste
  6. A Listing of Repertoire in the Library of the Double Reed Ensemble of Iowa: Mark Weiger
  7. Felix Rheiner- A Neglected 18th Century Bassoonist:  David J. Rhodes
  8. L. van Beethoven's Seventh Symphony Op . 92 Transcription for Wind Instruments Edited in 1816: Pierluigi Destro
  9. From The Past: Reprints of Double Reed Articles from Woodwind Magazine. 1949-1951
    1. Mozart Rediscovered: Don Cristlieb
  10. The Frank Robert Cole Memorial Collection: Jesse Read and Sara Driedger
  11. A Bach Sarabande (From the Cello Suite Number Five):  Steven Hewitt 
    1. Article
    2. Music
  12. A Conversation with K . David Van Hoesen: Barrick R. Stees
  13. The Gwydion Brooke Collection: Anthony Hodges
  14. The Oboe in Vivaldi's Instrumental Music: Sandro Caldini
  15. Problems of Aging: William J Dawson, M.D.
  16. An Update on Circular Breathing: Humbert Lucarelli
  17. Report of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer: Lowry Riggins