© Gerald E. Corey: Ottawa, Canada -- 1974
© International Double Reed Society: Boulder, Colorado, USA -- 1996

Original issue edited by Gerald E. Corey
IDRS WWW issue edited by Eric J. Petersen and Jeffrey P. Vach


  1. Elias Carmen - Farewell
  2. Eli: Jack Shaindlin
  3. Remembrances of Eli: Sol Schoenbach
  4. Elias Carmen on Recordings: Donald MacCourt
  5. Yale University Eli Carmen Music Memorial Fund
  6. Report on the Miami Annual Meeting - IDRS: Gerald Corey, President
  7. First Honorary Member
  8. Announcements to IDRS Members
  9. Sample Card for IDRS Intravaia Library
  10. Bassoons of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  11. 200th Birthday for Mozart's K. 191
  12. For the Acoustically-Minded
  13. Interesting Performances
  14. Recordings
  15. Music, Books, Notes of Interest
  16. The Contra Bassoon: Scott Vigder